International Taekwondo Council Busness seminar open to all

So, you want to succeed or improve on your school growth? Then we the ITC and special guest speakers are going to help you to achieve this by sharing the success secrets behind a couple of the most respected and successful school owners. Mr Russell Perks has his full-time academy at the above right location and Mr Jon Tizick with his academy knowledge and growth suggestions welcomes you to take a seat, listen and ask questions. Both have built respected academies that are full time and both are highly respected instructors in their fields. These types of business growth strategy seminars are usually a couple of ££££ hundred pounds to attend and most require you to buy into a contract. The ITC Founder Mr john McNally will be there also to answer questions and to share if asked how the ITC can again just like this seminar will work to save you money and help you use effectively the money you use to grow. Seriously something not to miss out on if your serious about growing upon your school success.


All ITC eCard holders receive a discount to this event.


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