The International Tae Kwon DO Council Mission Statement.

  1. To help build a more peaceful world.
  2. To show and help all recognise there is already only one Tae Kwon DO
  3. To promote positively the family and all branches of Tae Kwon DO in unity with like minded individuals /schools and groups.
  4. To abide by the morals of Taekwondo and set a respected path to follow.
  5. To be a council for guidance to all.
  6. To assist all to ensure good practice.
  7. To be council for new and existing instructors utilising the knowledge and guidance of Masters and for these Masters also to be guided by Grand Masters.
  8. To provide certificated recognition of good practice upon completing required training and documented evidence.
  9. To assist and ensure all students are taught under safe recognised and verified schools.
  10. To ignore political aims of any government or body as politics have no place within the art.
  11. To ignore financial political agenda as these are for greed and greed has no place within the art.
  12. To ignore ego as ego has no place within the art.
  13. To share freely conversation for the betterment of all.
  14. To provide the ability to connect and learn from each other via seminars, instruction, grading’s and competitions.
  15. To assist all to communicate with others to develop and improve one’s physical and ultimately DO.
  16. To assist and/or teach any student without regard for badge, race and religion.
  17. To help instructor’s etc obtain the documents required to ensure good practice.
  18. To assist all wishing to instruct to become instructors.
  19. Working with all styles of Tae Kwon do showing unity, build a united peaceful world.
  20. To not govern but to guide you if wished and while keeping your independence and keeping your identity.
  21. To recognise all confirmed ranks and lineage keeping a central secure database for all.
  22. To provide free membership to all channels of communication
  23. To come together at competitions and seminars
  24. To be open to suggestions and evolution of the council itself
  25. To be there for you.

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