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The International Taekwondo Council will if you wish internationally support you by sharing your current verified rank and record it publically for you on our online database. Black belt verification is for the duration of your current degree, We also offer a colour belt card representing that you are a person in good standing and is valid for one year so that students do not have to renew thier card on each grading.

A back up for you In case of loss of your own certificate and to show of support for the ITC and its aim in showing that no matter the badge, group, association, federation, race, colour, gender or style you are welcome as member of the TKD family.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The eCard system is in place by the ITC to internationally assist all students of all ranks and all styles.
  2. To provide international verification of current rank / degree to all styles, via confirmations and ITC checking policies.
  3. To be verified and confirmed as an instructor if qualifications are again verified via confirmations and checking policies.
  4. To then make available a factual verification of rank available to you through the internet where ever you are.
  5. To be a back up of all your Certificates so if the worst happens to your originals then you have electronic backups.
  6. To enable you to gain a discount to ITC events and where applicable to each other's events where this is offered by the organiser.
  7. To provide insurance cover to all participants attending ITC events no matter the individual group / school policy.
  8. Each degree eCard is provided electronically at the moment and will be in the future available as a physical card.
  9. Each card purchased, is for degree ranks valid for the duration of the current rank at time of applying, therefore is only to be renewed at the completion and successful passing of your next rank.
  10. Each eCard for non degree students is renewable every 12 months.
  11. The eCard also supports the ITC / website / squad / charity and future events.
  12. The eCard also makes available Perkbox, which gives you the ability to save yourself thousands of pounds a year, this system is only available to large enterprises but they have agreed to work with us as a benefit to sports persons.
  13. The eCard also shows the amount of practitioners that actually do want to work together and learn from each other & at the same time shows support and recognition for the mission of the ITC.
  14. The eCard also is assisting yourselves to gain government grants and other funding sources in the future.
  15. The eCard supports as of September the chosen charity on a yearly basis with a donation amount from each card been put aside for this.
  16. You by having this eCard benefit in many more ways but also your supporting us in our aims to help every person that is a martial artist.
  17. Thank you :-) in advance for helping us to ultimately help and be there for you.


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