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The directors of this council are independant directors of thier respective affiliations.

The council is here to bring all Tae Kwon Do practictioners together.

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International Tae Kwon Do Council

Founded By Mr John McNally 6th Dan


The ITC works as a tree to gather under and talk for the betterment, so every body including Executive Directors are independent.

The tree is strong with many hands resting on the trunk to give extra strength in winds, but it is willing support that is not demanded by the tree. In return then the tree breathes fresh air and shelter to improve life.

From the tree also comes new seeds of strong character.

No one losses their identity in fact we recognise true practitioners and support them.

Executive Directors

IXGrand Master Paul Liversidge
9th Degree
Chang Hon / WT

VIMaster John McNally
6th Degree
Chang Hon


VIIIMaster Clive Harrison
8th Degree
South West England - Chang Hon

VIMaster Paul O'Leary
6th Degree
Ireland - Chang Hon

VMaster Roger Lawrence
5th Degree
North West England - Chang Hon


VIIIGrandMaster Puran Andrew Gurung
8th Degree
Pakastan - Kukkiwon

VIIIKhalil Jabran
8th Degree
Pakastan - Kukkiwon

VIIMaster John Kirkwood
7th Degree
Scotland - Chang Hon

VIMaster Mark Guest
6th Degree
JTF - Chang Hon

VIMr Richard Smith
6th Degree
North East - WT

VIMr Colin Wee
6th Degree

IVMR Raj Kumar
4th Degree
India - WT

IIMr Tim Ayres-Townshend
2nd Degree
Chang Hon

Past Representivates/Directors

IIIMr David Anderson
3rd Degree
Chang Hon


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