Member Benefits

World wide recognition for you, bypassing the failure to recognise issues due to the membership of real value groups and associations.

World renowned Grand Masters to help you as and when you need.

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Current Membership of over



Grading opportunities for those independents and groups alike under a choice of Grandmaster’s, Masters for both Instructor & / or Students.

The ITC has Grand Masters of all styles; to help you with Gradings for both Instructor level and Student level.

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Access to amazing Taekwondo and martial art Seminars/Events.

Get access to the latest seminars, courses and events plus promote your seminars & events to all Tae Kwon Do students, instructors and more.

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International Taekwondo Council Competitions

Opportunities to take part in ITC approved competitions also other martial art competitions or events also promote your own ITC approved competitions.

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Reduced running costs

The ITC aims to help all martial art instructors reduce their day to day class and school running costs, because we understand that sometimes it's hard to run a club.

Below are some of the ways we can assist and also some benefits available to your students.

  • All ITC Instructors with an Ecard get an extra discounted rate on all purchases from Verve Martial Arts
  • Instructor insurance of £5,000,000.00 from £95.00
  • Member to member insurance at the best rates
  • All optional so just because you’re with us does not mean you have to use everything.
  • Enhanced DBS checks from £45.00 for eCard holders
  • First aid courses from £50.00 per person
  • Some courses are free
  • Instructor verification certificates from £40.00
  • Instructor courses
  • Umpire and referee courses from £50.00 per person
  • So much much more
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Insurance Cover that truly covers

Created by Martial artists specifically for Martial artists.

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Worldwide DBS check.

All of our instructors will be fully DBS checked as part of receiving their licence. Our DBS check is a worldwide check.

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Accredited Instructor Training Programme

The ITC will help with instructor training and guidance to any member that needs it.

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Train, Socialise & Network

The ITC offers opportunities to Train, Socialise & Network with other members.

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Sharing Knowledge & Ideas

Opportunities to increase your knowledge by having open conversations with Seniors of different styles. Ability to put forward your ideas, suggestions & thoughts in an open and friendly environment.

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Protection of your identity

The ITC understands that all Clubs, Associations & Groups, have their own styles and knowledge. Rather than trying to enforce one view the ITC takes the stance of accepting all views.

"Many hands supporting one tree"

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