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Sandford Village Hall
Sandford Parish Hall
Fanny's Lane
EX17 4NA
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Crediton Taekwon-Do (Sandford)

Our first school was opened back in 2001 and is still run by Mr Dave Powlesland who is a IV Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do who has aspired to share the martial art he loves through teaching it to the local community!

Dave and all his team at Crediton & Copplestone have many years training, competition and teaching experience between them and are driven by the following:
  • helping all our members to aspire and reach their personal goals
  • teaching a high standard of Martial Arts and self protection
  • making our sessions available and suitable and relevant to all ages and abilities.

All our instructors are fully qualified, have Martial Arts Instructor insurance and undergo regular DBS checks plus they are trained in First Aid and Safeguarding

Please note:
All classes currently need to be booked online via
Tuesday evenings at Yeoford Village Hall
Thursday evenings at Sandford Village Hall
Sunday mornings at Crediton (Lords Meadow) Leisure Centre

Class Timetable


Sorry no classes on a Monday


Sorry no classes on a Tuesday


Sorry no classes on a Wednesday


Sorry no classes on a Thursday


Sorry no classes on a Friday


Sorry no classes on a Saturday


Sorry no classes on a Sunday

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