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Noble Dragons Swadlincote (Derbyshire)

We are an ITF Taekwon-Do School teaching General Choi's Taekwon-Do

Over the years we have trained many Local,National and International champions including European and World Champions.

Classes are for children as young as 3 1/2 up to 99 (or older)

We are a school that recognises students come to a martial art for many different reasons, whether it is to compete, get fit, meet people or build confidence we can help you.

  • **** First two classes are a free trial so you can have ago and not have to commit *****
  • **** All we ask is that you try your best *****

Mr Steven Noble started Taekwon-Do with the TAGB in early 1996. He trained with them until early 2002.
I competed in TAGB competitions during my time with the TAGB winning many medals but not so many Golds.

The last grade I got from the TAGB was my Black stripe on the 2nd September 2001.
I remember being asked by Mr Tim Watkins if I wanted to join him in a new group he was setting up. He was going to join an ITF group (PUMA) and see if we could create something new. After some thought I said yes and joined Derbyshire Dragons and through that group PUMA as well.

In April 2002 I graded for and passed my 1st Degree black Belt Grading, one of the proudest days of my life.

In October 2002 I also became a qualified Taekwon-Do Instructor. I continued to compete in local competitions but found that I really wanted my students to compete and do well. So I made the decision to no longer compete and focus on my students instead.

Then in October 2004 I graded for and passed my 2nd Degree Black Belt. I was really pleased as I was no longer at the bottom of the black belt ladder (as I felt then).

In October 2007 I graded for my 3rd Degree Black Belt under Master Sahota as Mr Watkins group had joined the UKGT. I passed and again was really pleased, Plus it meant that I did not have to worry about Ju-Che so much any more. After a couple of years I began to feel that I needed something else but to tell you the truth I did not really know.

I then found out in 2010 that Master Bradshaw (he was not a Master then) was also creating a new group. I had a chat with him and thought – Yes – This is what I want. So I made the decision to leave Derbyshire Dragons and join the Heart of England. I have never looked back.

I spent a year or so training with Mr Bradshaw as I was not sure if I was ready for being a 4th Degree Black Belt.
But on the 17th April 2011 I graded for my 4th degree under Master Trevor Nicholls and passed. I was totally made up, this was the one grade I really wanted (apart from my 1st degree). I had the go faster stripes, the badges on the shoulder, International Instructor, Grading examiner, what more could I want.

So four years passed and I had to work really hard at a reason to take my 5th Degree because I truly was not that fussed about being a higher grade. I did eventually decided to see if I could grade and after getting permission from Master Bradshaw on the 26th April 2015 I became a 5th Degree. And it felt great, still does to be honest. Also in 2015 I was awarded International Umpire Class A – the highest you can get, that was fantastic as well.

During my time with the Heart of England I have umpired World Championships, a European Championship and more national competitions than I can count.

I have trained many students to Black Belt in Taekwon-Do and trained World / European and National champions in many different competitions from many different groups. I get such a buzz from watching my students succeed, whether its winning a medal or finally mastering a new technique or Tul (Pattern). I know I will be teaching till the day I die.

I no longer feel that I am an instructor, I think I am a teacher. Who knows what I will be in the future.
Taekwon-Do is an amazing ride there are some massive lows it’s true but the highs are not to be missed. I would not change any of it.

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10:00 - Beginners Class - White to Blue Stripes (60 minutes)

11:00 - Advanced - Blue to Black Belts (60 minutes)


Sorry no classes on a Sunday

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