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Absolute Taekwon-do Association - Armagh

Your instructor is Mr Adrian Sweeney 2nd Degree
Trained by and right hand Instructor for Master John McNally the founder of the ATKDA and the International Taekwon-do Council.

ATKDA Founder: Mr John McNally 6th Degree Instructor, Referee.
(Voluntary) Senior board Member GM Paul Liversidge 9th Degree International Grand Master Instructor and examiner.
(Voluntary) Board member Media: Adrian Sweeney
(Voluntary) Board Member Liason: Claire Cresswell-lane.

The A.T.K.D.A was formed to:
Teach the art of Tae Kwon Do.
Help the students reach their full potential.
Help Instructors reach their full potential.
Help schools with guidance in safe practice.
Provide a network for the students, instructors and all.
Ensure safe practice in all aspects of TKD.
Be open to all TKD practitioners of all levels without the political and financial restraints imposed by other associations and their agendas.
To 'Teach and help all' as is the original concept of General Choi Hong Hi.

All recognised schools of the A.T.K.D.A. fall under the purview of Master John McNally 6th Degree who can be contacted via the http://www.atkda.org website

As an association as a school as an individual,​ ​we/i​ are here to learn together.
There are no politics, no bias, no religion in taekwondo.
We are here to teach everyone and that also includes members from other schools and associations, this is the wish of General Choi Hong Hi to take Tkd to the people of the world.

Tae Kwon-do Instruction.
In-depth coverage.
DBS Enhanced checked and certified
Fully insured
ITF Recognised and Certified Plaque​
Safe child certified level 1+2
International Taekwon-do Council founder members
No politics
No nonsense
Real instruction
Real values
Real Blackbelts
Real Tae Kwon do values
Real value teaching
Be safe in the knowledge that you are been taught to be a real Martial artist.
Remember its not a race to Black belt and beyond it's about quality, it's about you.