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ATKDA - Charnwood Tae Kwon-Do / Loughborough

At Charnwood Tae Kwon-Do we teach all ages and feel personal development is very important.

Martial arts should be both life preserving and life enhancing.

Within the Absolute Tae Kwon Do Association we strive to teach martial arts as an effective form of self defence, not merely a sport.

  • fitness
  • competition
  • self defence
  • FUN!

We are a martial arts school teaching original Tae Kwon-Do for all whether junior or adult, as your training is specific for each even when working as a group.

Children / juniors get taught along side adults as no child is picked on or bullied by a child the same size, working with bigger people creates a better mind set and builds solid foundation of confidence.

At our martial arts school you get to challenge each other and reach targets so the better your colleague gets the harder you must work too.

Train hard, and the battle is easy!

Quitters never win, winners never quit.

A legacy for juniors and adults to carry into school and worklife.

Using the ITC and ATKDA websites you will be able to find a martial arts school near you.

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