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HofE Inspire TKD Mansfield (Nottinghamshire)

Monday Activity
5.30pm -6.30pm Junior Taekwon-Do (4 to 7yrs)
6.30pm - 8.00pm Senior Taekwon-Do

Wednesday Activity
5:30pm to 6:30pm Juniors aged 3 to 6 yrs
6.30pm - 8.00pm Senior Taekwon-Do

Simon Scales is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt and the instructor for Inspire Taekwon-Do which covers the Mansfield / Mansfield Woodhouse area.

Simon started ITF Taekwon-Do in 1985 at age of 14 however on leaving home his martial arts experience was very much broken up with work commitments. Simon tried various styles on and off over the years when he moved around the UK, including many years of WTF Taekwon-Do and to a lesser extent Kung-fu, Kickboxing and Escrima. Eventually Simon found Heart Of England Taekwon-Do in 2008 and for the first time felt settled with his training. Heart Of England developed Simon supporting him through his training and becoming the instructor he is today.

Inspire Taekwon-Do is very much a family orientated club with parents often training with their children. Simon also trains with his own children, Katie (17) who is a 2nd Degree and Thomas (14) who is a 1st Degree. The school has developed its own community over the past 8 years where students come to learn Taekwon-Do and socialise with each other. New students are always made to feel welcome. This ethos of family is throughout the Heart Of England Group of clubs which Simon is proud to be a part of.

For the past 7 years Simon has also been a Voluntary Child Sports and Confidence Coach at The Samworth Church Academy exposing young people to diversionary life skills such as Self-Discipline, Social Integration, Self Esteem, Non Violent Conflict Resolution, Spatial Awareness, Leadership and Goal Setting. The syllabus is supported through the foundations of Taekwon-Do. This process has proven to be a success with young people benefiting not only physically but socially and academically as well.

Simon is also passionate about the competitive side of Taekwon-Do which compliments his focus in personal development and fitness. Simon has had reasonable success with numerous Bronze, Silver and Gold medals at National / European / World Championships. Simon encourages his own students to compete to maximise their own full potential and development.

His dedication to fitness is second to none and has many achievements to his name including completing 19 x Tough Mudders with many more planned. In developing his knowledge in fitness and health Simon became a professionally Level 3 qualified Personal Training Instructor to add more dimension to his own and others development. He is currently studying to take GP Referrals and Level 4 in this area.

Simon has created his own fitness brand FightFit and FightFit PT using martial arts as a foundation to improve people’s lives positively through being active.

Simon also hold a Class B UITF Referee and officiates at local and national tournaments. He also supports the Heart of England Group with media relations and fund raising.

Simon’s future commitment is to keep developing his own and others Taekwon-Do journey.”

Class Timetable


17:30 - Junior Taekwondo (60 minutes)

18:30 - Senior Taekwondo (60 minutes)


Sorry no classes on a Tuesday


17:30 - Junior Taekwondo (60 minutes)

18:30 - Senior Taekwondo (60 minutes)


Sorry no classes on a Thursday


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Sorry no classes on a Sunday

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