Alfreton Leisure Centre,
Church Street,
DE55 7BD
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HofE Alfreton (Derbyshire)

Tuesday Activityc
6.00pm - 7.00pm Ages 5 years and above
7.00pm - 8.00pm Blue Belts and Higher Grades

Saturday Activity
10.00am -11.00am Taekwon-Do Mixed Class from 5 Years Old
11.00am -1.00pm Elite Training Class by Invitation Only from Master Bradshaw

Mrs B 6th Degree is the Company secretary who wears many a hat for many a roll within the group for Heart of England

Training for over 25 years and is the chief instructor for the Alfreton Taekwon-Do School an International instructor & grading examiner having trained many World champions and International champions to date
In fact Alfreton produced the group’s first World champion back in 2002 Argentina Leanne Musson at the age of 13 individual sparring Gold medalist

Priding herself on the all inclusive nature of the Alfreton Taekwon-Do School never giving up on getting students to the best that they can be
Also promoting the strengths of women with in Martial Arts training and ensuring that they are not sidelined at events

Preferring to work behind the scenes so all goes seemingly smoothly with the group

Feeling very proud of all the students achievements both inside and outside of the Dojang seeing them growing in confidence moving on in life and achieving great things it makes it all very worthwhile

Always threatening to write a book on her Taekwon-Do journey it certainly would be a page turner featuring the good the bad and the ugly experienced along the way

To get to where the Heart of England group is now certainly has been an eventful one but all journeys are there to teach us much and hopefully that is now for the better

The aim of our group is to teach good effective Taekwon-Do to all those that wish to learn and have the commitment for some hard work ahead of them

Class Timetable


Sorry no classes on a Monday


18:00 - Beginners Class 5 Years and older (60 minutes)

19:00 - Blue Belts and all Higher Grades (60 minutes)


Sorry no classes on a Wednesday


Sorry no classes on a Thursday


Sorry no classes on a Friday


10:00 - Taekwondo Mixed Class 5 Years and Older (60 minutes)

11:00 - Elite Training - Invitation Only with Master Bradshaw (120 minutes)


Sorry no classes on a Sunday

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