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Updated Instructor proposal form and updated students registration form

Published Aug 10th, 2022

Keeping up with legislation and safety

The Instructors Proposal form should be completed every year to confirm any changes or no changes as the case may be.
It also ensures your fully aware of your proffesional obligations and helps ensure your covered.
The student membership form  also has been updated so it can give you and your members a clear view of what they need to disclose and ensure you have the details in case of emergency.

The Member to member form should be kept for three years after a Adult stops training, if they do stop,
For juniors they should be kept, even if they train for only 1 day, until that individual would reach the 21st birthday.

I know that seems like a long time and a lot of space but the ITC has a system in place to help you with this and to go paper free.

The ITC and TCUK are constantly evolving to help Instructors and students alike.

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