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Together We Are the Best

Published Jul 2nd, 2021

Have a look at 1 of the many ways of how we can support you. The sole aims of the International Taekwondo Council as a National Governing Body (NGB) is to help you succeed, while having guidence to help you be the best you can be while ensuring all are safe and well in the wonderful practice of Taekwon-do. Be free to teach tkd and other Martial arts while showing your a proffessional.

Up until the end of July Our insurers have agreed to help us to help you by giving all full members and those members students a free extra month of cover.
This includes all new full members that join before the end of the month.
When you add up the instructor and student members it a great way to help.
Please do see some of what and in brief, what we provide for Full membership entry level.
There are add ons, to help you do more and make your admin easier.
Grading manager, student attendance, history, data, notes, and much more to come.
Your support helps us to do more for you.

Below is the standard full member benefits, with many more extra options available to you.

For Full membership we provide to you. International Membership, for U.K. members includes FREE membership to the Taekwondo Council United Kingdom - the ITC sponsored arm especially created for the U.K.
• Complete easy student detail transfer system, via CSV and other options.

• Instructors can upload their copies of certificates & qualifications for safe keeping copies just in case originals get damaged or lost.

• U.K instructors’ insurance and P.A provided inclusive

• U.K Instructors students registered includes insurance and P.A

• Online student registrations

• Free membership slips if required, U.K. postage free

• Internationally Free licence book if wanted in first registration of each instructor and students alike. Postage to U.K. is free

• Full Membership means you can also all train at each other's clubs and events, also means you can take part in other events outside the ITC membership where recognised and verified to have suitable instruction, provisions etc

• eCards included for free

• Discounts to all ITC competitions, course and seminars

• Worldwide Listing on the website for your school location and full details include Facebook and web links.

• Listing of School on the school finder page with a location drop pin

• Full contact details on school finder page

• Location map on the school finder page

• Search engine improved listing FREE for google

• Gain your Instructor identity and verification hard card for £7.50 extra

• Coming soon the extra’s below
• Show your NSPCC status

• Show your Enhanced disclosure status

• Show your first aid status

• Show your full membership status

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