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COVID update for new QR code display laws in effect from 24th September.

Published Sep 21st, 2020

NHS QR code updates: Two sections, OWNER of venue or HIRER without maintenance obligation.

Update for hirers and venue owners in regards QR codes and having them displayed for track and trace.

If you OWN AND MAINTAIN a venue open to the general public for Hospitality, leisure and more, it becomes law on the 24th of this month to display a provided NHS official poster of Details as a QR scannable code for NHS track and trace app.

This poster will be utilisable by the impending NHS app and is to be an extra to existing measures.

You will need:

1) Contact email address
2)The address of your business, place of worship, community organisation or event

If you have more than one venue, you will also need:

3) The address of each location
4) Email address for the manager (or point of contact) for each location
5) A phone number for the manager (or point of contact) for each location

IF ****YOU HIRE***** A VENUE But DO NOT MANAGE THE MAINTENANCE, you will need to ensure your venue is following the above guidance.
YOU are not responsible to put gain and display the posters but you would be following best practice to ensure they are been provided by the venue.


Government details about displaying

PLEASE NOTE the rule of six does not apply to our industry as we are abiding by 2metre social distancing and other NGB guidance.
NO legislative changes have been made that affect our current best practices.

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