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Mrs Lolley accepts the ITC role of Director & Events Co-Ordinator to help tkd events holders

Published Aug 4th, 2020

Growing the Managment Abilities of the ITC to help more. All the directors and executives are volunteers to the ITC.

Hello all
I hope you are all able safe and well.
While this pandemic has been causing so much distress to many in very different ways and some not so dissimilar, there are amazing tales of support and good will for each other.
This is wonderful to hear and know of amongst the sorrow and difficulty times that we are doing our best to continue in the building of a more peaceful world.
I would like to share some news that we ended up delaying.
We wanted to announce it at the International Taekwon-do Council Northern Opens, that is usually managed by the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation and its founder Master Roger Lawrence, of course this had to be cancelled and then we were hoping to share at the ITC United Kingdom international Opens at the end of June, of which is usually Managed by The Absolute Taekwon-do Association and managed by Me.
So as the Covid pandemic is still causing events to be delayed and / or cancelled we would still keep our fingers crossed that the Southern ITC Championships can still go ahead in some physical manner if restricted to Pattern performances, now this event is usually managed by North Wilts Taekwondo whom now come under their new group identity of “Sovereign Taekwon-do” still under the guidance of founders Mr Paul Lolley and Mrs Leanne Lolley.
Any way back to the NEWS
Mrs Lolley as many are aware has been with the ITC as a representative while also Mr and Mrs Lolley’s group also been members for many years, in this time she has helped many persons to get their events approved and helped improve events that the ITC hold, generally by bossing us about in Ma’ams typical convincing manner 😊
Due to Mrs Lolley’s fantastic management and organisations skills the ITC presented the offer of
Director with the title “Events Co-Ordinator for the International Tae Kwon Do Council”
Mrs Lolley Accepted the position on the 24th of April and I am personally grateful as are the fellow executives.
The ITC strives to ensure the continued growth of opportunities for its members and non-members to attend ever growing professional events, whilst learning all the time how to improve the spectators and participants experience of ITC managed and also the approved events.
All Director roles are voluntary and each person has their own group or school, thus showing continually that neutrality and unity through friendship works truly with the ITC.
Ma’am Lolley has already managed to make significant improvements and I am sure these improvements will continue to come along.
Please do join us in congratulating Mrs Lolley in the acceptance of this role and journey.
Congratulations Ma’am

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