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ITC Open Video Patterns Competition - 2020

Published Jun 8th, 2020

Review and Results of the ITC Open Video Patterns Competition 2020

International Taekwondo Open Competition goes ahead with a twist.

Entries closed on the 30th May 2020 the International Taekwondo Council’s first ever online competition.

Due to Covid-19 the ITC Open 2020 was converted to a virtual competition with competitors posting videos of their patterns to a panel of judges.  The competition was renamed for the occasion to the “ITC Open Video Patterns Tournament”

Judges for the competition where Master Clive Harrison, Master John McNally, Mr Paul Lolley, Mrs Rach Harrison and Mrs Leanne Lolley

Mrs Leanne Lolley Events coordinator for the ITC wrote

“We were inundated with entries, all of which were of an incredibly high standard.

As with all ITC events we try and keep them 100% open to all and unbiased. This event saw entries from across the world with many entering from USA, Malaysia and Europe from ITF, WT and Karate.

A few interesting stats on how diverse the entries were which I thought you might be interested in.

·        8% of entries were non-ITF style martial arts

·        7% of entries were from outside England.

·        54% where female

·        62% under 17-year-old

·        7 categories with 21 medals up for grabs

·        All categories were mixed male and females

·        Medal wins were exactly 50/50 male to females

This was one of only a few occasions that has ever occurred within the martial arts world that so many, from so many countries across different arts regardless of sex have competed without prejudice in the same categories against each other.”

Massive congratulations to everyone who took part in this truly international, inspiring event.

The medal winners are listed below.

Cat 1 – Adult - Yellow to Blue Belt

Gold –  Serren Whyte

Silver –  Anthony Douglas

Bronze -  Jamie Curran


Cat 2 – Adult – Red Tag to Black Tag

Gold – Georgia Debney

Silver –  Mireille Polanco

Bronze -  Cordelia Lazurus


Cat 3 – Adult – Black Belts

Gold –  Leong Kok Wah

Silver –   Jon Tizick

Bronze -  Joe Ramskill


Cat 4 – Juniors – White to Green Belt

Gold –  Lucy Burnett

Silver –  Einoras Litvaltis

Bronze - Isla Urquhart


Cat 5 – Junior – Blue to Red Tag

Gold –  Alara Yildirim

Silver –  Alena Stirling

Bronze -  Oscar Barrett


Cat 6 – Junior – Red to Black Tag

Gold – Lauren Hughes

Silver –  Selina Yildirim

Bronze -  Arabella Kerswell


Cat 7 – Junior – Black Belts

Gold – Lily Silsby

Silver –  Sophie Sparks

Bronze -  Lea Goodman

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