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Published Feb 26th, 2020

Great news on the website evolution for members of the ITC. We are constantly updating to help instructors in reducing the time it takes to do paperwork and stick to doing what they truly love. What we are releasing is an update to the website where you can Upload and keep a history for your students and declutter the safes or locked storage used to keep documents etc.

The package gives the ability to get to all the students details on your mobile device from the secure website.

Upload Student enrolment forms immediately by registering the new member, prior to insuring them.

This way you can give them back the form they filled out for them to destroy
Protects you from possibility of student’s data identity thefts.
We store this until the student is 18 (when they should sign a new one for themselves) for you even if the student is no longer a member as this is what should be done by all.
Shows you asked what you needed to ask to ensure the best progress and medical declarations by the student to you.

We store the details for adult students even when expired as a member for 5 years as is the recommended minimum time.

Make notes.


To help you know and keep a track of any improvements you may want to guide the individual with as we have a lot to keep a track of.

Grading time recommendations and historical notes etc.

Keep full address details.


So, you can ensure you have the most up to date contact detail to share events and to send certificates etc.

Keep full emergency contact details.


So, you know you truly have all the details you may need in case of any event happening at your school, Fire, Closure, accident or any incident at all.

All available from your phone, laptop or pad etc


Easier and more convenient, reduce the waste of paper, improve productivity, another way we can help enhance your school to run more efficiently and professionally

All this with encrypted security data transfer both ways, from you to the web site also from the website to you using your unique password and log in details as a full member instructor.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask via message, email or telephone.

Best regards

John McNally

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