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GCSE martial arts option.

Published Feb 23rd, 2020

Hi all If you want to support and play a part in bringing Martial arts for GCSE back into the school curriculum, the letter attached is editable for you to be able to send to your local MP. Thanks in advance

The link will take you to the letter in word format and in advance we thank you for your support.

This can have a huge effect on pupils all over the UK and northern Ireland.
Lets do what we can to help.

If you do not have facebook then below is also the copy for the letter but you will have to lay it out and allign once copied and pasted to your document writing software then address it to your local MP and Secretary of State Education:
Mr Nigel Huddleston MP
House of Commons
Please enter your address in the top right of the letter.

Dear ???????????

My name is ??????????? I am ??????????? years old I have been studying martial arts for ??????????? years in specific the art of ??????????? I have reached the level of ??????????? and I absolutely love my training and wish it to continue into my future.

The reason that I enjoy my martial arts training so much is because ??????????? I think that it really helps me with ??????????? i'm writing in the hope that you can help us to make a change to the GCSE list of sports that students can currently choose from to study and submit as one of my choice subjects. Currently all martial arts have been removed from the list. I find this really disappointing as it’s a sport that I have dedicated hours of my life to learning. It’s a sport that I am good at and I feel confident that if this sport was recognised and therefore on the list, I would be able to achieve a good score in my exam, this is really important to me moving forwards into my future. I feel that my friends that have chosen PE as an option are at a real advantage to me as their sport is on the list and I am having to learn how to play a new sport from the beginning, one that I don’t really love and one that I’m not as good at as martial arts.

The reason that martial arts was removed from the list is because it was deemed too specialist area for the moderators however all of our instructors are working together to simplify this and make it easy for the teachers to assess. We would argue that martial arts is no more specialised area than many of the other sports on the list, such as gymnastics, rock climbing, figure skating and many more.
Please listen to us there are thousands of people that this is affecting right now and our government and country are supposed to be helping youngsters to play sport and making sport more accessible as an important part of our everyday lives in order to help people to live healthier lifestyles, to help against obesity and in order to help all of us with our day to day mental health. 

Thank you for reading this letter please do everything that you can to help us the younger generation 

Signed ????????????? 

Print ???????????

Martial arts is an inclusive sport that represents the diverse society that we live in today, It is a sport that both male and female can and do compete on a level field it demonstrates skill, strength, flexibility and focus. 

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