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International Taekwon-do Council Squad kitted out

Published Jan 25th, 2020

Squad made up of groups from varied backgrounds and schools etc, some full members and some not.

Well at the squad training session it was well attended & with a nice moderate workout for all and technique variations to take away and input into training.

The squad is coming for you !!!!

We also presented the squad with their ITC tracksuits and bags.

I personally think they look awesome but yes I am biased, the squad loves them also.

Thank you to Mr Lee Freeman and his company.


Please do remember that you don’t even have to be an ITC member school to qualify to be in the squad.

You just need to commit to regular training and prove yourself to be strong enough to be in the Squad.

Any rank can join in and enjoy the training and journey to possible selection.

So far members of this Squad are students from.


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