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International Taekwon-do Council Squad Eligability

Published Sep 3rd, 2019

Details on how to qualify and remain qualified to be in the International Taekwon-do Council Squad

The ITC team Squad is available to every member of every school of every group.
So no matter the badge you wear then you can be a part of the squad.
Your group and school do not even have to be registered members of the ITC.

You just need to be able to get to regular squad training and be able to commit to you being the best you can be.

Remember a few things.

You need to commit
You need to be fit to be chosen
The squad training is there to guide you to get fit to be in the squad and thats why there are also Prospective squad members.
Free entry to ITC Competitions and paid entry to ITC Chosen Competitions when you are in the squad.
All the squad training is done by seniors of the ITC and they donate their time for FREE only venue costs are taken from the session fee's

We invest in you, are you ready to take on the challenge ??

Sessions lead by:
Master Clive Harrison 8th Degree
Master John McNally 6th Degree
Master Roger Lawrence 6th Degree 
Mr Peter Hewitt 6th Degree

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