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ITF Vienna voluntary representative position accepted.

Published Aug 19th, 2002

Master Claire Crosbie accepts Scottish voluntary position within the ITC to represent ITF Vienna.

Wonderful news to share as Ma’am Master Claire Crosbie 7th Degree Has accepted the volunteer position within the ITC to be the Scottish representative for ITF Vienna and their members.

This position is to continue to show that the ITC does what it says and it promises, we are here to help and assist where requested.

Without any of the idiocies of Greed, politics or ego.

The ITC is here to help all, to work as a government registered NGB is supposed to.

For more information, feel free to contact Master Claire Crosby 07851 607872 or myself directly 07773376633

Find out how easy it is for us to help and work with you.

Thank you Ma’am on behalf of the ITC and the family that is tkd.


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