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ITC NGB guidance submitted advice to Government for approval

Published Nov 30th, -0001

We have submitted the files here-in to DCMS for Governement approval.

PLEASE take note that while this is guidance submitted, it has not yet been approved, however there is contained within current guidence that can be utilised.

Please ensure you fully understand responsabilities as an instructor of contact sports.

Gyms are suggested to re-open on the 2th of July however this does not mean or imply that Martial arts can return as your not a GYM nor are you insured or qualified as such in most cases.

Upon approval of these recomendations then we will update all on the website, facebook and other forms of comunications available.

We always strive to support and be there for our members and the whole community of Martial arts no matter the style.

This guidence will be utilisable by all.

Just note we cannot possibly contact everyone and therefore please do feel free to share the information as to reach as many as we can.

The information is changing all the time and we will tryy to stay as upto date as possible and your support of this is appreciated, 

Together we can be stronger than ever.

Best wishes all from myself

John McNally 
ITC Founder

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