Motivational Seminar with Top Entrepreneur Dan Woodruff - FREE

The ITC and Taekwondo Council United Kingdom Are wanting to assist all with an exciting and invigorating FREE business information session. This will help you all grow even during this pandemic. Covering: The top 5 mistakes that you are doing right now, which are killing off your martial arts school. Are you struggling to sustain and grow your school while others seem to be doing well online? Chances are that you are doing these 5 little known things that are hugely damaging to you and your school. Want to know what they are? We are holding a special online training session with Mr. Dan Woodruff, whereby he is going to walk you through what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it. Dan Woodruff ran his school from 2002 till just recently and had over 360 students training in his 1 location. He now spends his time coaching other martial arts school owners how to do the same and he is going to show you the exact steps to help you in your business right now. If you are interested in this FREE session. PLEASE book your space by clicking on the Facebook event ( link below) then private messaging Leanne Lolley requesting to be involved and you will be sent the link to the live seminar. ITC Linke - TCUK Link -


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