The 9 Throws Of Gichin Funakoshi Seminar

This seminar sees the return of Mr Scott McMillan, one of the UK’s leading experts on Boon Hae, the practical application of Tae Kwon-Do against Habitual acts of physical violence. This seminar will be covering the 9 Throws Taught by Karate expert Gichin Funakoshi. The techniques of the TKD patterns which precede the throws will also be examined to teach the effective application of each throw. These throws are inherited into Tae Kwon Do from our parent art of karate, and are included in the Tae Kwon Do Encyclopedia written by the founder of TKD, general Choi Hong Hi. Don’t miss out on this fantastic seminar which aims to help re-establish Tae Kwon Do as the effective method of self defence it was devised to be. £20 per person or £15 to ITC eCard holders. Message me Mr David Price on 07515 266933 for more information!


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