ITC Open Video Pattern Competition

ITC OPEN VIDEO PATTERNS COMPETITION RULES UPDATE: OPEN TO ALL TKD PRACTITIONERS WT and ITF Style (sine and non-sine wave) patterns. t is as simple as; 1. Complete a form and payment online at wiredma. 2. Record 2 Patterns 3. Send the Patterns to us via Whatsapp, Facebook or email Your Pattern will be marked, Medals posted to winners. Please perform patterns appropriate with your Grade. The pattern is to be recorded from dead opposite your start position, any videos at angles will be disqualified. The whole of the student is always to remain in the shot, if a foot/arm disappears this will be disqualified Please try and ensure the student is not too small in the recording as patterns done at a distance will be harder to mark and thus get a lower mark. Please record 2 patterns from within your grade related patterns, if you do not know 2 you can drop down and do the highest of the grade below. The Videos need to be clearly labelled/names/saved as ‘your name ‘and ‘your name 2’. Video 1 will be marked by our Judges Video 2 will only be viewed, in the event of a tie. The competitor will receive their scores on or before the 6th June from the judges. Patterns will be marked on the performer’s accuracy and power of technique, presentation, attitude. Please wear your dubok and belt. Long hair must be tied back, and no jewellery should be visible. There will be 5 Judges marking your pattern, all are 4th Degree Blackbelts and above including Masters. There will be medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place which will be posted to winners. Points towards Competitor of the Year will also be issues to all medal winners. All video must be sent and received by 30th May 2020; you will receive a confirmation response from us. WhatsApp: 07771861999 (Mr Paul Lolley) Facebook: Private Message to (Mrs Leanne Lolley) Email: £10 e-Card Holders £12 non-e-Card Holder FREE to ITC Squad Member Entries online only: Any questions please call ITC Events Co-Ordinator on 07825433487. Regards Mrs L Lolley ITC Events Co-Ordinator


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