Perkbox is a service available to UK eCard holding members of the ITC. The ITC is offering a one year subscription to Perkbox at a reduced rate.

So how good is this Perkbox you're hearing about?

Well it's usually only open to businesses but we have negotiated a way to work together to provide this to the ITC Ecard holding members.

Let's say you take advantage and shop through Perkbox for your weekly shop at one of 3000 supermarkets and you spend £100.00 a week like most do and more, this means you could save 6% so over a year then you would save £312.00 and that's not including the Christmas shop :-)

Or you go to the cinema once in a while and pay the average price of a ticket, through Perkbox 'special rate' you will enojy the experience a lot more.

Then there is 6% of in Boots, Homebase, Debenhams, Curry's, Apple Employee Purchase Program and that's just a few of 20,000 shops available to choose from for birthdays, weddings, christenings and Christmas etc :-)

Childcare tax relief etc

2,500 gym branches

Go out for a meal at any of the 6,500 restaurants and treat yourself and others with a 50% discount in most cases, that's the Christmas meal managed :-)

One of the many ways the ITC is showing we are here wishing to help all members.

Get saving thousands a year and click here.

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